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One of International Quality’s vision is to ensure healthy comforts, conveniences and access to necessary information with ease while we provide comprehensive care that enhances the independence and well-being of all individuals through quality and responsive services. We strive to encourage transparency in every area of our work and create happy employees – mission to simplify workflow with improved communication.

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In order to get you through accessing your paystub information, kindly follow the instructions below and reference the part that applies to you.

  • Click on the “View Your Pay Stub” button below to gain access to the pay stub page
  • You will next be prompted to enter Company Name: For all Caregivers enter “alphaiqh” while Corporate and Branch Staff is “JoeCo“. Click on continue.
  • If you have your already set up an account and have your login details, kindly enter the appropriate email address and password to log in to the website and view your paystub.¬†Check HERE for further instructions.
  • Otherwise if you don’t have an email address, check HERE see the instructions with screenshots
  • To access without an account, check HERE to see the instructions with screenshots
  • To create an account, check HERE to see the instructions with screenshots


Follow the instruction above to guide you in accessing your pay stub